Buffered bike lane in Paris. Photo by brunoboris.

DDOT plans contraflow lane on 15th: After numerous public meetings and much listening, DDOT has decided to implement “Alternative 5” on 15th Street between Massachusetts and New Hampshire Avenues. (WashCycle) This alternative adds a standard northbound bicycle lane and a southbound contraflow lane between the parked cars and the sidewalk. Here’s our analysis of this option.

Norton defending trees from the other 435: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton persuaded the Architect of the Capitol to avoid cutting down trees on 2nd Street, NE. Bloomingdale, For Now criticized the earlier decision which would remove attractive, solid vertical poles with leaves and replace them with less attractive, solid vertical poles in the name of security.

You can sound off to AOC staff about this or other topics this evening, 7 pm at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, 313 2nd St SE. Metro: Capitol South.

Out of the carbon shadow: “It’s time for cities to favor people, not cars,” writes Wired about a recent conference on design of the future. Tip: John S.

K Street transitway back? Previously, Joey Katzen wrote that the K Street Transitway was delayed seven more years. But this Post article lists the transitway among projects that could receive stimulus money. Tip: John S. (a different John S.)