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The District:

  • DDOT has rejected several suggestions for pedestrian improvements in Mount Vernon Square. Neighborhood resident Matt Yglesias is not pleased. (Life in Mount Vernon Square)
  • The bad economy may deter legal challenges to DC representation in the House, if the voting rights bill passes. (DCist)
  • Bicycle police harassed a cyclist downtown, telling him (incorrectly) that he was required to register his bike. (WashCycle)
  • 77% of respondents in the Cleveland Park listserv’s unscientific poll support the Giant development.

The State:

The Commonwealth:

  • Arlington can finally turn its red light cameras back on. Cameras have been shown to reduce fatal accidents to drivers and pedestrians. The Virginia legislature forced them to be turned off, then changed its mind, but VDOT just now gave the needed approval. (WTOP)
  • Arlington’s long-awaited bike sharing program is happening. The County issued an RFP for an operator to share responsibilities with the County. (WashCycle) … Previously: can it be compatible with DC’s?
  • HOT lane construction will be forcing pedestrians crossing the Beltway on Braddock Road to follow a 1.6-mile detour for at least 12 months. (WashCycle)

The Union:

  • Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood suggested replacing the gas tax with a VMT tax. Matt Yglesias isn’t so sure that’s a good idea. The gas tax, at least, specifically discourages burning gasoline. … Way previously: A year ago, experts discussed the idea at the New Partners for Smart Growth conference. … Update: President Obama put the kibosh on the idea, Alex points out.

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