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Today, we’re trying an experimental format for the links: Twitter style.

  • US DOT: Lowest traffic fatalities in 60 years (Transportation Nation, @marctomik)
  • “We don’t want to come off as NIMBYs.” But Arlington residents don’t want a homeless shelter in their backyard (Post, @_jpscott)
  • The London Tube’s central Zone 1 is very pricey, so a map shows how to get off outside and take bike share (Ollie O’Brien)
  • What are public/private partnerships PPPs? Where are they in the US and internationally? (Brookings, @bogrosemary)
  • What to get for the cargobike lover who has everything (& kids)? (Bike Noun Verb, @KidicalMassDC, @IMGoph)
  • On Friday, @beyonddc exposed the folly of highway “Level of Service.” Now @e_jaffe takes on local street LOS (Atlantic Cities, @vebah)
  • An experiemental system can disable drivers’ phones in the car without affecting passengers’ phones (Daily Mail, Steve S.)
  • Lance’s feelings about bike lanes in cartoon form (The Onion, @JoelLawsonDC)

Our current Breakfast Link editors are looking to move on from curating the links each day. Meanwhile, many of our contributors now use Twitter, and can submit or curate items through that service.

We decided to try creating a links post collaboratively, by building the post from tweets contributors and readers sent in to a new Twitter account, @GGWashTips, plus some from our regular tip queue. This is the result.

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