A few months ago, I made a plea to DDOT to spend a few dollars on road paint, specifically to make crosswalks and bike lanes more visible for drivers. Here are some examples of visible progress.

At the corner of Florida Avenue and New York Avenue NE, DDOT repainted the crosswalks. Before, they had been marked with a type of thermoplastic tape which had rubbed off and rendered the crosswalk much less visible.

At Florida Avenue and N Street NE, the crosswalk includes a stop bar for traffic on N Street to supplement the stop sign at this intersection (which is out of the frame).

Bright, wide crosswalks mark the intersection of Florida Avenue and 4th Street NE next to the entrance to the Florida Avenue Market and Two Rivers Public Charter School.

The centerlines have also been repainted. This was taken looking west from Florida Avenue and 6th Street NE.

Previously, there was no crosswalk at 7th Street NE at Florida Avenue. Now the corner is properly marked for pedestrians.

Here’s another view at Florida Avenue and 7th Street NE.

The corner of Florida Avenue and West Virginia Avenue NE is heavily trafficked by automobiles and pedestrians, since it serves as the crossroads of Gallaudet University, Trinidad, and folks heading to and from Capitol Hill and Near Northeast. All the lanes and crosswalks are now well marked here.

Finally, here’s a shot of Florida Avenue at 11th Street NE. There are now well-marked crosswalks at every corner along the southern edge of Trinidad.

I’ve seen simple improvements like this on roads all over the District, not just on Florida Avenue. More roads could use this level of attention, and Florida Avenue needs more than just the cosmetic treatment of a new coat of paint to make it a complete street for all types of users. But it’s great to see the city taking this simple step to make sure roads are properly striped.

Geoff Hatchard lived in DC’s Trinidad neighborhood. The opinions and views expressed in Geoff’s writing on this blog are his, and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer.