Pigeons in Columbus Circle. Image by Olaf Zerbock licensed under Creative Commons.

Chirp chirp squawk! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, feathered friends live with us in cities, and they can be awfully pretty. Many of you opted to Put a Bird On It this week, so let’s savor these favorites from the Greater and Lesser Washington Flickr pool!

Swallow on a bridge in Kenilworth Aquatic Garden. Image by Diane Krauthamer licensed under Creative Commons.

Adams Morgan rowhouse mural. Image by BeyondDC licensed under Creative Commons.

Feeding pigeons in Indiana Plaza. Image by Elvert Barnes licensed under Creative Commons.

Misunderstood the assignment but passes on a technicality.  Image by Graham Reid used with permission.

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Dan Malouff is a transportation planner for Arlington and an adjunct professor at George Washington University. He uses this byline for Photo Friday posts, but you can find his other writing under the byline Dan Malouff, and his photography as BeyondDC on Flickr and Instagram.