A map of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) single-member districts in DC. 

All 345 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) seats in DC are up for election this November. It’s a lot to keep track of – and publicly available information about candidates can be hard to come by. We got you!

In August, GGWash sent our questionnaire to all ANC candidates on file with the DC Board of Elections, as well as every write-in candidate we could identify. Thanks to the diligent efforts and technological wizardry of volunteer Andrew Turner, we’re excited to share this interactive visual tool that shows how more than 175 of those candidates responded. (You can also peruse a visualization of current at-large Council candidates’ stances here).

Additionally, as we announce endorsements in ANC races, we’re updating the below visualization to label GGWash-endorsed candidates with a green endorsement ribbon. If you’d like to read more about the rationale for endorsement decisions, these links will take you to the write-ups for the races announced thus far: Ward 1. Ward 2. Ward 3. Ward 4. Ward 5. Ward 6. Ward 7. Ward 8.

And don’t forget, our Elections Hub is your one-stop shop for questionnaires, endorsements process details, and our endorsements themselves. Access the hub anytime from the “2022 Elections” link in the upper right corner of our homepage.

Want to understand what candidates in your commission area think about housing, transportation, and land use? Read on!

A note for write-in candidates: If you’re a write-in candidate and you: (a) declared your candidacy after September 5 (the deadline to submit a GGWash ANC questionnaire for endorsement consideration), or (b) declared your candidacy prior to September 5, but never received the GGWash ANC questionnaire, and you’d like the opportunity to respond to the questionnaire, please reach out to abaca[at]ggwash.org. We’ll shortly announce ANC endorsements on the basis of questionnaires received by the September 5 deadline; subsequently, GGWash may consider additional endorsements for late-entry write-in candidates in races without an endorsement.

How to use the interactive ANC candidate questionnaire tool

Below, you’ll see a map of all Advisory Neighborhood Commission areas and single-member districts (SMDs), followed by bar charts that summarize responses from all 175+ candidates who submitted questionnaires as part of our endorsements process.

The map is highly interactive: click on a location, use the drop-down menu, or search for an address to see responses from candidates in any SMD or commission.

Candidates’ responses are labeled with the single-member district in which they’re running, and labeled “write-in” if they’re running a write-in campaign.

Note: Not all ANC candidates submitted questionnaires, and therefore not all candidates are listed below. One helpful resource for looking up who is running in your neighborhood is OpenANC. Also, take a look at the DC Board of Elections.

Read on, enjoy – and don’t forget to vote!