Image from FABB.

Walk to the bus station? Heresy! Reston has a bus station and bike rack right next to the W&OD Trail, but instead of building a connection, the county put in a fence. Remind you of Owings Mills? (FABB via WashCycle)

Two more for walking: Maryland Delegate William Bronrott (Montgomery) and Senator James Rosapepe (Prince George’s) want some school construction money to go toward pedestrian safety for schoolchildren, along with more of the state’s school transportation aid instead of for buses and driving. (WTOP)

Transit, not so much: People might walk to school, but it’ll be harder to ride transit, as Maryland cuts buses, mid-day and weekend MARC, holiday service, and more. Of course, the ICC still hasn’t been cut (though new bonds are on hold). (Post Get There)

What’s your neighborhood like? A cute tool lets you see which neighborhoods are like others in other cities (via DCist). Their methodology doesn’t capture the intangibles—this is something that should really be done via wiki or something. I remember first visiting Barracks Row and thinking, “Aha, this is the South End of DC!” What other neighborhood in another city is most similar to yours?

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