Sunday's crash in Anacostia. Image is a screenshot from the Fox 5 video.

Abdul Seck, who was visiting from New York City, died Sunday after he was struck by a driver while walking on the sidewalk in Anacostia. WAMU's Martin Austermuhle reports that the driver has been charged with second-degree murder.

A man driving a silver Chevrolet sedan ran a red light before striking a white Chevrolet sedan with a family inside at 16th and V streets, injuring a total of six people including two children and Seck, who was walking on a nearby sidewalk, Fox 5 reported.

Nearby residents responded with anger and grief—but not surprise.

Local residents say they have been demanding changes to the intersection, which is known to be dangerous, for many years. Neighbors described multiple crashes at this intersection, and say that it needs to be a four-way stop.

“This intersection is constantly like a game of chicken,” nearby resident Ronald Thompson says. His mother's vehicle was t-boned in the same intersection. “Ward 8 is especially devoid of safe roadways. People are dying, and people are getting injured. But there is something that we can do. It's as simple as a four-way stop and painting these crosswalks so that people can see them, and get speed bumps for the school that's right up the street.”

Local road safety advocates are already demanding the city's leaders do more.

We at Greater Greater Washington are grieving the loss of a contributor and friend to many in our community on Friday, and the tragic death of a pedestrian on Sunday in Anacostia. Today will be devoted to articles about road safety and our memories of Dave Salovesh and Abdul Seck. There will be more actions in the coming days, and if you’d like to hear about them, sign up using the form below.

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