Screenshot of DC's snowplow tracker map.

This morning's substantive snowfall took some Washington residents by surprise. If you'd like to see whether your street has been plowed yet, check out DC's interactive snowplow tracker. Not only can you see where the snowplows are, you can peek through traffic cameras to see whether the streets have been cleared.

We're not the only municipality to have such a tracker, but I must say that Scotland's is even more fun. That's because its “gritter tracker” tracks the vehicles that spread salt, and they have funny names like Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Sir Salter Scott, Ready Spready Go, Sir-Grits-A-Lot, and…Fred. (Click around; not all of them are named yet. H/t to Joanne Tang for showing this to me.)

Readers: Are there any other snowplow or gritter maps we should know about?

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