Worst building & plaza ever. Photo by Joe Dunckley on Flickr.

Bulb-outs in Boston? Boston’s record on livable streets and Smart Growth is decidedly mixed, with good projects surrounded by bad transportation practices. There may be hope if the ideas in this Globe article come to Boston. Via Streetsblog.

New London corrects 1970s mistake: Everyone regretted the concrete redesign of New London, Connecticut’s public plaza, “The Parade.” Now, they’re restoring it, reports the Courant. I hate to harp, but I can’t help but think if it were here, we’d have landmarked the thing. Now, will Boston fix their 1970s plaza mistake? Via Planetizen.

Lemonade stands violate zoning: The mayor of Clayton, CA has shut down a produce stand run by an 11-year-old girl and her 3-year-old sister, selling extra vegetables out of their garden. Mayor Gregg Manning told ABC, ““They may start out with a little card-table and selling a couple of things, but then who is to say what else they have. Is all the produce made there, do they make it themselves? Are they going to have eggs and chickens for sale next?” Via BoingBoing.

California passes anti-sprawl bill: The California legislature passed a bill to allocate transportation dollars based on greenhouse gas emissions, according to the LA Times. Does this mean more transit, fewer roads, or just roads in denser areas? Will it work? California has a parking cash-out bill with loopholes the size of Los Angeles. But at the very least, the symbolic impact is important. Via T4America.

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