No parking sign spotted in Alexandria by thisisbossi licensed under Creative Commons.

This question posted by Twitter user Mu got thousands of responses, including from urbanists: “What's the most On Brand™️ story you have from your early childhood?”

We asked contributors about their early experiences as budding urbanists. Here's what they said:

Future city planner? by Fairfax County.

Joanne Tang recalls walks with her grandmother:

Grandma and I would jaywalk across Fairfax County Parkway all the time, and that’s the story of how I became a consistent (but safe!) jaywalker. Grandma taught me in her own way that sometimes you just have to go for it because the street doesn’t make sense.

Canaan Merchant says,

I was (and am) a big map drawer.

While Nick Finio had a particular affinity for towns and transit in miniature:

My favorite place to go as a child was this bizarre little piece of Pennsylvania weirdness

What about you — do you have any similar stories to share? If you weren't into cities as a kid, what changed later to bring you to where you are now?

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