Rushern Baker. Image from the candidate's official Facebook page.

Rushern Baker struggles to break away from the pack, Valerie Ervin continues her fight to get on the ballot in Maryland, a Republican hopes to win over Democrats in deeply blue DC, Alexandria city council candidates get recognized for their urbanism, the Montgomery County Action Committee for Transit releases its scorecard, and more in our election link roundup. Want to stay on top of our 2018 election coverage? Sign up for our weekly newsletter!

DC Democratic candidate guide
Twenty-three candidates will be on the ballot for the DC Democratic primary. Candidates include ANC commissioners, heads of policy think tanks, ex-Obama staffers, law librarians, mental health professionals, real estate professionals, environmental activists, and (of course) incumbent office holders. (Samara Martin-Ewing / WUSA)

DC Republican candidate guide
The Republican primary in DC is far less complicated. Lawyer Michael Bekesha is the only GOP candidate running for public office in all of DC. Bekesha hopes to prove to voters that the DC GOP is not the same as the national GOP, which he believes has become too focused on personality over policy. (Patricia McConnell / News Growl)

The deaf community pushes for greater accessibility in local politics
DC has a significant deaf and hard of hearing population centered around Gallaudet University in Northeast. Unfortunately however, deaf residents have a hard time engaging in the local political process. To help improve accessibility and to get more deaf residents involved in local politics, Matthew Sampson and friends founded Deaf Urbanism. Similarly, ASL interpreter and disability advocate Jamie Sycamore is running for DC Council in Ward 1 in part because he believes that DC politics and policy should be more accessible. (Elizabeth Thomas / City Paper)

Where’s the Baker breakthrough?
Despite the expected anti-Trump blue wave and the fact that registered Democrats outnumber Republicans two-to-one in Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan looks to be on track for reelection. Efforts to topple Hogan are complicated by the fact that no Democrat has yet to emerge as a true frontrunner in the crowded primary. Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, the “establishment favorite,” has struggled to raise money and generate enthusiasm among voters. That said, GGWash is enthusiastic about Baker, particularly as he compares to the anti-urbanist Hogan. (Robert McCartney / Post)

Ervin's ballot battle continues
Valerie Ervin continues her fight to have the Maryland Democratic primary ballot reprinted to reflect the changed race after her former running mate Kevin Kamenetz passed away suddenly. The state board of elections continues to insist that a reprint is both impractical and cost prohibitive. Ervin’s campaign argues that this decision undermines the validity of the vote and filed suit this week to challenge the board’s decision. (Kate Ryan / WTOP)

Montgomery County transit scorecards
The Action Committee for Transit, a Montgomery County transportation advocacy organization, has released its candidate scorecard. The scorecard provides a quick way for voters to understand which Montgomery County candidates strongly support the Purple Line, MARC trains, pedestrian improvements, transit-oriented development, and oppose the M-83 highway. (Act for Transit)

The Montgomery County squeeze
Montgomery County District 1 candidate Andrew Friedson has sent out a mailer on the need to “ease the squeeze” in Montgomery County. According the Friedson, the squeeze is felt by families facing higher housing and childcare costs, bad commutes, stagnant wages, and overcrowded schools. Friedson’s mailer does not get into how he’d ease the squeeze, but the Action Committee for Transit reports that he supports more housing near transit. (Adam Pagnucco / Seventh State)

Endorsements for urbanist candidates in Alexandria
Blue Virginia made its final four endorsements for Alexandria City Council, supporting incumbent Del Pepper, incumbent John Chapman, challenger Mo Seifeldein, and challenger Canek Aguirre. Blue Virginia highlighted their stances on urbanism and environmental issues, using GGWash as a guide. (Blue Virginia)

Comstock challengers meet for NAACP debate
The six candidates that are competing for the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District shared the stage with Shak Hill, a former fighter pilot who is challenging Congresswoman Barbara Comstock from the right at a debate hosted by the Fairfax NAACP. Comstock was invited but did not attend. Candidates discussed racial equity, marijuana decriminalization and legalization, and how to protect low-income and elderly residents. (Jenna Portnoy / Post)