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I joined Greater Greater Washington's board of directors because I believe in bringing walkable, connected communities to all parts of Washington.

As the President and CEO of Prince George's Chamber of Commerce, I know that small businesses thrive when they are located in active, accessible communities near Metro, bus routes, and bike lanes, and have customers who can afford to live and shop in their own neighborhoods. As a 35-year resident of Washington myself, I believe greater Washington is great, and together we can make it greater.

Will you join me in giving to Greater Greater Washington's reader drive? We're only $8,000 from our goal. You can help get us there.


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My colleagues and I on the board of directors will match your donations dollar for dollar and there's still $3,000 in the match pool. Please don't wait, donate today.

With your support, GGWash can continue to advocate for housing and land use policy that brings enough homes, including affordable homes, to Washington. As the region has grown and prospered, housing has become limited. As a representative of Prince George's Chamber, I want to make room for new Washingtonians who bring new business into our neighborhoods.

But small business owners need to be able to find and afford a home. GGWash is pushing for policy solutions that will bring the homes we need to Washington.

With your support, GGWash can continue to push for transportation solutions that provide safe, affordable, reliable ways for Washington residents to get where they need and want to go. Having transportation options is critical to supporting a successful local business community. I support GGWash because I know they're pushing for the transportation systems our region needs to continue thriving economically and are making sure we're not leaving out low-income communities.



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You value this community. Will you join me in making a donation today? Remember, the board is matching your gifts dollar for dollar. And, I hear there are some gifts for donors!

David Harrington is President and CEO of the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce. Prior to joining the Chamber, David completed fifteen years of public life as Mayor of Bladensburg, Prince George’s County Council Member, and Maryland State Senator. David is a graduate of Howard University and completed graduate work at Miami University of Ohio. He lives in Prince George's County with his wife Cheryl, owner of Shortcake Bakery in Hyattsville, They have two sons.