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So far 75 people have donated to GGWash's reader drive, giving more than $6,000! If you haven't donated yet, what are you waiting for?

This week, an anonymous donor is challenging five people to become adopt-a-tag sponsors. If five people make a donation of at least $175 (or $35/month) this week, they'll donate $2,000 to the reader drive!


Haven't heard of GGWash's new “adopt-a-tag” program? When you make a donation of at least $175 (or $35/month) you get to sponsor a slice of the blog!

When you sponsor a tag, your “adopt-a-tag” badge with your name will be included on every post published on the blog under that main tag for three months. The badge will show up above the author bio at the bottom of the post, like this:

There are still some popular tags up for grabs, including development, public spaces, walking, history, roads, and more!

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Challenge 1: $1,000 unlocked

Thanks to the 28 new donors who stepped up last week in response to Harriet and Dan's challenge! You've unlocked $1,000 for GGWash. Collectively, you gave $1,482, with an average donation of $52.93. Thank you!

To Kevin, Ronit, Peter, Jason, Steven, Mik, Gregory, David, Edward, Benjamin, Susan, Brian, Mortimer, Steve, Scott, Robb, Richard, Jan, Chanda, Diana, Philip, Martine, James, Robert, Robert, Bucky, William, and Allison – thank you!

Challenge 2: 5 more adopt-a-tag sponsors

Based on the success of the first challenge, an anonymous donor has come forward and will donate $2,000 if five people adopt a tag this week! So far, five people have donated at least $175 ($35/month) to adopt the tag of their choice. Will you help double that number?

Adopt a tag today and help GGWash get $2,000 closer to our goal of $35,000!

Why your donation matters

Donations from readers are an important part of our budget. Your individual contributions help pay for:

  • Our awesome editor, Julie! Without a full-time editor on staff, GGWash isn't sustainable. Even though volunteers write most of the articles you read on the site, all of them benefit from at least some light editing. She also makes sure you get fresh content every day, and it takes a lot of work to keep the queue full. From helping contributors source stories to convincing contributors to write about the cool discussions floating around the contributor listserv, we need an editor to keep the train moving forward.
  • Costs to keep the site up and running. You know, the boring stuff like domain names, server, hosting, and website tweaks. Reliable internet access is also non-negotiable when you run a media site. Your support helps us keep the lights on and the WiFi flowing.
  • Other important stuff like political endorsements. Local elected officials make the decisions that affect your day-to-day lives, from where people live, what amenities neighborhoods get, and how transportation is built and maintained. Local races matter, and GGWash is bringing you elections coverage and urbanism endorsements for 2018 primary and general elections. Can you get that anywhere else?

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Sarah Guidi was Greater Greater Washington's Managing Director from 2015 to 2018. She now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family.