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I first learned about Greater Greater Washington almost a decade ago when I was the new editor-in-chief of Next City. What impressed me most then — and what keeps me involved with GGWash today — is its ability to inspire and mobilize its readers.

This is rare, and the Washington community is lucky. Join me today in making a donation to keep GGWash going strong.



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A model for urbanist journalism and activism

In my job at Next City, a national urban policy site, I was trying to figure out how to have an impact at a national scale. Meanwhile, GGWash was showing how it was done locally. By writing fierce, opinionated commentary on the built environment in the Washingtion region, GGWash built a loyal, authentic readership and a community of contributors that truly care about the city’s future.

Compelling journalism turned into advocacy when it prompted readers to take action in their neighborhoods. For example, kicking off what would be a years-long zoning reform process in 2008, GGWash got its readers show up and testify. GGWash and readers kept the pressure on, and in 2016 zoning reform finally passed!

GGWash has shown that Washington’s urbanists are a voting bloc to be reckoned with.

This influence over readers and the direction of a metro region was, for me, powerful stuff. In conversation and in formal presentations about the growing field of urbanist media, I would use GGWash as an example of the kind of journalism that can drive change in cities.

Why GGWash deserves your (and my) support

Flash forward to 2018, the organization is 10 years old and is one of the most respected media organizations in the greater Washington, DC area. It is forcefully advocating for transportation and bikeshare improvements, and even has a full-time staffer focused on affordable housing advocacy. Even though I don’t live in the DC area, I still read GGWash because of this model for smart advocacy.

I joined the board six months ago because I want to support the terrific work GGWash does every day. Join me in supporting GGWash with a donation that represents what the organization means to you, whether you’re in DC or somewhere else around the country. It’s money well spent, not only on a great organization, but on the community it impacts. 



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