On Tuesday, we featured the 118th challenge to see how well you know the Metro system. Here are the answers.

This week, we got 19 guesses. Nine got all five right. Great work, Peter K, ArlFfx, Christopher Deal, Patrick B, AlexC, Solomon, MtPDC, maxG, and Stephen C!

Image 1: Vienna

The first image shows the new staircase from the mezzanine to the platform at Vienna. This one should have been fairly easy to narrow down since it's clearly in a freeway median. Only five Metro stations are in settings like this.

You can discount Wiehle Avenue, since that station has newer architecture and a dramatically different canopy. East Falls Church is out because there, the mezzanine is below the platform. At Dunn Loring, the entrance is at one end of the platform, and has side-by-side escalators, instead of a single stair. The arrangement of the vertical circulation and the canopy is quite different at West Falls Church, so that leaves Vienna as the only possible guess.

15 got the right answer.

Image 2: NoMa

The second image was taken at NoMa. The view here is looking down from the platform into the mezzanine. The main clue here is the leaf art motif and the newer style fencing enclosing the fare-paid area. The escalator lighting is also common to stations built in the early 2000s, however, the escalators at NoMa are currently being replaced with newer models that will have LED lighting.

15 knew this one.

Image 3: Farragut North

The third image shows the entrance to Farragut North on the southwest corner of Connecticut and L, under the Washington Square building. This entrance is closed on weekends, but gets a lot of use on weekdays. The only real way to solve this one was to recognize the hexagonal glass pattern above the escalator.

11 guessed correctly.

Image 4: Pentagon City

This picture shows a closed entrance at Pentagon City. The sign above the doors here notes the hours this entrance is open, though I've personally never seen the entrance open. These doors are located directly opposite the fare array and are accompanied by four portholes that follow the path of these stairs. These clues should have helped you get to the correct answer.

15 thought this was Pentagon City.

Image 5: Court House

The final image shows a view of the mezzanine at Court House. This one should have been child's play to answer. The easiest way is to note that this is an underground station served only by the Orange and Silver Lines. That narrows it down to just four stations. However the three westernmost underground stations in Arlington — Clarendon, Virginia Square, and Ballston — all have side platforms instead of a center platform.

18 came to the correct conclusion.

Great work, everyone. Thanks for playing! We'll be back soon with challenge #119.

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