Concept sketch from LCOR proposal for the Tenley-Friendship library. Via ODMPED.

Cheh comes out against Tenley library plan: NIMBYs and smart growth advocates have common ground on the LCOR development proposal for the Tenley-Friendship Library: they all hate it. A mixed-use building with housing and shops along with a library is a good idea for that high-traffic corner, but sources who know about the proposal say it’s a bad one, and Councilmember Mary Cheh agrees. “I am completely for transit-oriented development,” said Cheh in the article, adding, “I’m keeping my fingers crossed” that a better plan can emerge.

How about wider sidewalks? Steve Hagenbuch asks this in a letter printed in the Post. U Street’s sidewalks are way too narrow. Hagenbuch’s solution: take away some on-street parking. In fact, DDOT plans to do this in a small strip on U around Tabaq, where the stairways stick way out into the sidewalk, but not around 17th Street, the area Hagenbuch is talking about.

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