The Capital Crescent Trail. Photo by M.V.Jantzen on Flickr.

Graham isn’t against streetcars: Despite reports in the press, Jim Graham assured BeyondDC that he isn’t opposed to the Anacostia streetcar line. He just wants to ask questions. It’s a good opportunity to educate the Council on the need for streetcars there, on H Street, and elsewhere. Monday, July 14, 10:00

11:00 am in Council Room 412, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave.

Balancing courtesy and exercise: MoCo Councilmember Nancy Floreen was turned off by “Tour de France” style high-speed bike riding on the Capital Crescent Trail. I’ve been annoyed by overly aggressive bike riders in the past too. But bike riders also have a right to be able to get a workout. How do we balance the two? Go to the public meeting Monday night and weigh in. Monday, July 14, 7:00 pm at the Bethesda Library, 7400 Arlington Rd.

“Why don’t we have that information now?” WMATA is testing technology to let them know how far behind schedule their buses are, reports the Examiner. Board president Chris Zimmerman asks the obvious question: why don’t we already know? When I graphed how late the L2 bus was, this was news to WMATA?

Replacing a switch is hard: The Post has a graphic showing all the steps involved in the recent switch replacement at Mount Vernon Square.

The wisdom of squares: Historic Savannah’s system of “wards” centered around one of 22 public squares has stood the test of time, says Bacon’s Rebellion. Part of DC are sprinkled with squares as well, which L’Enfant originally intended to name for states, each to be settled by people from that state.