Buy a Chrysler now, and lock in your destructive lifestyle! A great Tom the Dancing Bug satirizes Chrysler’s offer to lock in $2.99/gallon gas to new buyers. How long until they go bankrupt? Who cares! Since when did US automakers think about the future? Via Richard Layman.

What about the “character of the community”? Greensburg, Kansas was completely destroyed by a tornado. Every building was gone. Now, they are building a walkable, mixed-use town in its place. (But we still have to rebuild Klingle Road exactly as it is!)

Good at sports, bad at urban planning: Boston is planning a new TOD development at the Forest Hills subway, commuter rail, and bus station in Jamaica Plain. But the MBTA still insists the developers replace all the parking, and planners are thinking about making all the streets one-way and changing traffic signals to speed traffic. All this while the development seeks LEED certification. Can LEED please add “not building lots of parking and adding traffic” as a factor? Via Planetizen.

Please go away, Mary Peters: The FTA also doesn’t like Baltimore’s Red Line proposal. What else is new? The Baltimore Sun is eager for a new administration, as is The Overhead Wire.

Get inna the road: MyBikeLane, the site where people publish photos of cars parked blocking bike lanes, is now operating in DC. Via Matthew Yglesias.