Who didn’t see this coming? After building a convention center out in a pretty empty area served by lots of highway lanes and almost no transit, the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor is discovering that being far from everything with poor transit service is a problem. Ryan Avent has more.

Prince George’s County, the State of Maryland, and Congressman Steny Hoyer made the decision to locate the center there and not demand the developer help with transit from Branch Ave or Alexandria. The rest of the public shouldn’t have to bail them out from their foolishness. I’m told that Hoyer even passed special legislation to stop NCPC from doing an EIS that would have forced more consideration of the environmental impacts from locating a major convention center in a completely auto-dependent area and not fixing the problem. Plus, the developers were also supposed to contribute to sewage treatment facilities in nearby Piscataway which the center will burden, but they haven’t.

Good job, Steny. You’ve made traffic worse, created steaming piles of… waste, and now employees can’t even get there.


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