Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Reader Simon asks,

Do you have any updates on the status of non-car routes into DC?  I understand that most footpaths are clear, thanks to the rain, but that the entrances and exits of such paths can still be blocked by piled up snow making it impassable for wheelchairs, and difficult for pedestrians. 

As for biking, I understand that the Capital Crescent Trail is a disaster in the Maryland section, with lots of ice, and basically unusable for bike commuting.  Rock Creek’s roadway is OK, but the parallel bike/ped path still has a lot of ice, as far as I could see from my driving commute. Do you have any information on these items?

Do you regularly walk or bike on any of these trails and can fill in the status for other readers who might want to use them for commutes or recreation?

And here’s another question from reader Kathy in Arlington:

My son, who is in middle school, is doing his science project on traffic calming (his idea, not mine!)  and is looking for experts to interview.

If you know a bunch about traffic calming and are willing to talk to Kathy’s son, email and I will put you in touch.

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