Even Californians can do it: Transit villages like one in Hayward, CA (on BART) are becoming popular and making converts out of people who would never have imagined living without a car. SF Chronicle via Richard Layman.

Please, God, let us keep sprawl: Some people are responding to the gas crisis by using prayer, reports Streetsblog. Meanwhile, truckers responded to pricey gas by wasting it.

Drop out already, Hillary: Hillary Clinton is buying into McCain’s bad ideas by calling for a gas tax holiday which would not solve the problem and just emphasizes the framing that our solution to energy shortages is to make gas cheaper. Obama, to his credit, is standing firm in calling it the bad idea it is.

Google did it first: Companies from Schering-Plough to Microsoft are rolling out Wi-Fi-enabled commuter buses, kids are putting off learning to drive and transit ridership is at the highest levels since the interstate highways were built. Via Freakonomics.