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A new DCPS position: A professor of urban education is joining the school system to spearhead innovation and research, with a focus on raising the performance of African-American male students. (Post)

Teacher pay in DC: At an average of $70,000, it’s the third highest in the nation. New York and Massachusetts come in first and second, according to this state-by-state map and chart. (Post)

Budget surplus in Fairfax: The county, whose current budget calls for laying off 700 staff, ended the past fiscal year with an extra $38 million. Some of that will go to addressing a projected shortfall in the future. (Post)

Curbing summer reading loss: At a Prince George’s County elementary school, teachers are staffing the library for several hours a week in an effort to maintain student reading skills. (Gazette)

Teacher churn and low-income students: When one in 5 teachers leaves the profession annually, the turnover takes a special toll on high-poverty schools. But there are ways to encourage new teachers to remain on the job. (Alliance for Excellent Education)

Greater Greater Education Staff Contributor Paula Amann brings experience as a high school bilingual teacher, an editor on education policy, and a journalist. She is also the mother of a student in a local public school. She believes school systems should choose teachers, create curricula, and set policy as if the right to a good public education were enshrined in the US Bill of Rights.