No real progress?: Critics charge that the apparent rise in DC’s standardized test scores is the result of manipulation of the data, and that the improvement reflects an influx of wealthier students. DC officials disagree. (Post)

Does it matter if they keep the Chancellor?: It’s more important that the 3 mayoral candidates articulate a clear and coherent vision for education, including whether they support a moratorium on new charters. (Jonetta Rose Baras, Post)

Laptops for Montgomery students: Starting in August, the County plans to provide 40,000 tablets and laptops to students in some grades as part of an initiative that will expand in future years. (Post)

Is it worth it? Why spend $300,000 on an under-the-radar special election for the open Ward 8 seat on the State Board of Education, a body that has little power? (City Paper)

Resistance to boundary plan continues: A DC Council hearing last month was dominated by Northwest DC residents who voiced their opposition to the proposed new boundaries and feeder patterns. (Current)

POTUS lunches with teachers: The President asked questions of 4 teachers at high-need schools, including one from DC, and listened to what they said about the need for teacher collaboration, whether there’s too much testing, and other issues. (Politics K-12/Ed Week)

No wonder they can’t sit still in class: Kids aren’t getting enough physical activity in school, which leads not only to fidgeting but also to problems with balance and core strength. And kids just aren’t as fit as they used to be. (Post, NYT)