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Mayor’s budget allocates $100 million more to schools: The money will go to at-risk kids, middle schools, and an extended day at as many as 40 low-performing schools, among other things. (Post, WAMU)

Catania throws hat in the ring: David Catania, an Independent who is chair of the DC Council’s education committee, announced that he would be a mayoral candidate in the general election in November. (Post)

Questions on claims of progress: Seven charts indicate that the rise in DC’s scores on national standardized tests has more to do with changing demographics than with improvement in the performance of high-needs students. (Post)

Applications for 8 new charter schools: The Public Charter School Board is considering proposals that include a boarding school for children in foster care and a school geared to children with special needs. (Post)

Montgomery students still failing math exams: Despite recent efforts to raise scores, high school students failed their January finals at rates as high as 60%. (Post)

Money, new model for Teach for America: A family foundation has donated $1 million to fund the organization’s work in Prince George’s County. Meanwhile, the national organization has announced a pilot program to beef up training for recruits and encourage a longer commitment to teaching. And the Prince George’s school board chairman says he wishes they were trying out that program in the county.(Post)