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Have DC’s school reforms worked?: Although DC schools have a long way to go, the Post concludes DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson is on the right track in implementing test-based teacher evaluations and other reforms pioneered by former Chancellor Michelle Rhee. But others take a dimmer view, even calling DC’s proficiency rates for high-poverty students “disgusting.” (Campaign for America’s Future, Examiner)

DC parents are ambivalent: Poor performance in neighborhood schools and issues of race and class drive some DC residents to the suburbs. But efforts by school staff and parents activists to create a community can help retain families. (Post)

DC students lag in math and science: DC students scored below international averages in math and science, according to a federal government study. The District was the lowest-scoring U.S. jurisdiction in science and the third-lowest in math. (CBS, Post)

Education nonprofits switch to charter status: DC nonprofits providing adult education can gain stable funding by becoming public charter schools, but the trade-off is increased accountability. (Elevation DC)

DC foundation promotes blended learning: The CityBridge Foundation is spearheading two programs designed to encourage DC schools to use technology to enhance instruction. (Ed Week)

Charter school teacher wins big: Kena Allison, a physics teacher at Thurgood Marshall Academy, received a $25,000 award from the Milken Family Foundation in recognition of her outstanding teaching. (Post)

Former DCPS building has new tenants: Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS and Lee Montessori will share a lease on the Shaed Elementary building in Northeast. Inspired Teaching plans a permanent move there next fall from its current U Street-area location, while Lee, a new school, plans an eventual move elsewhere. (Post)

Safety standards aren’t standard across DC schools: DC Councilmember David Catania is concerned about student safety, particularly at charters, which do not follow uniform regulations. (WAMU)