Photo by Ian YVR on Flickr.

The District is building a streetcar system while also studying the potential for express bus lanes in key areas. Montgomery County is looking at building a bus rapid transit (BRT) network. Arlington and Fairfax are planning a streetcar on Columbia Pike, while a BRT line is under construction in the Crystal City-Potomac Yard area.

It’s easy to get confused about the differences between these various transit projects. Moreover, it’s easy for opponents of certain projects to use this confusion to misdirect residents when comparing different types of transit projects.

Two weeks ago, for instance, Arlington County Board member Libby Garvey wrote in an op-ed that she opposes a streetcar on Columbia Pike and instead favors what she calls “modern bus transit.” Unfortunately, nowhere did she define this term, which isn’t a real name for a type of transit. Personally, I favor “Star Trek”-style transporters on Columbia Pike, which would be far faster than any car, bus or train, but those are just as nonexistent.

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