I just got off the NJ Transit bus #126 coming home from Drinking Liberally. Coming back after a late night at Rudy’s was never so painless. I knew a bus left at 12:55 (after midnight they’re every 30 minutes), so I walked out at 12:45, made it to the bus a few minutes before departure, and was already home by 1:15. Compare this to walking all the way to 7th Avenue for the 2/3, waiting 15 minutes, and having it run local - a trip that could stretch well over an hour. Plus, the bus drops me off only two short blocks from my apartment!

Earlier today I had my first experience with Zipcar, another painless and even fun way to get around. I had three Leksvik bookcases from IKEA, one of the few non-hideous pieces they sell. But I need another one, and IKEAe can only be reached by car. Last week I had signed up for a Zipcar account, so last night I reserved Jetta Josh by Hoboken City Hall. At 11 am this morning I waved my Zipcar card over thw windshield and the car magically opened. For $8.50 an hour including gas and mileage, I was able to drive to Elizabeth, purchase a new Leksvik, go grocery shopping, unload, and still have lots of time for a little exploration.

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