This MPD training presentation makes the excellent point that when driving, you see pedestrians and bicycles as being in the way and violating traffic laws, but while walking or biking, drivers are the ones whose transgressions are visible. (Via TheWashCycle.)

This is probably a big part of why police officers in many suburban areas (and New York) tend to cite bicyclists even when a driver is at fault (not to excuse the way a few cyclists, especially NYC food deliverers, sometimes ride crazily the wrong way through traffic.)

Good, balanced police training presentations and videos have been appearing in greater numbers recently, like this one in San Francisco. These plus citizen activism has a positive effect; following the Beverly Hills incident, bicycling residents attended a public meeting to discuss the problem which, ironically, led to another bicycle-intimidating incident just minutes after the meeting which led to a much better police response. (Then this happened in nearby Hollywood soon after—the conflict continues.)

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