Photo by nevermindtheend on Flickr.

  • Weekend ridership falls on Metro after aggressive trackwork starts (Examiner, @kytja, @perkinsms)
  • Crime on Metro drops in 3rd quarter of 2011 (Post, @vebah)
  • A group of senators is pushing to extend the commuter tax benefit before it runs out (The Hill, @ajfroggie)
  • Even the Competitive Enterprise Institute opposes GOP plan to subsidize roads with oil drilling revenue (National Review, @MilesGrant)
  • Study shows WI “non-users fork over $779 per household for roads, as opposed to $50 for transit” (Streetsblog, @MilesGrant)
  • Whole Foods in Riverdale Park delayed again; town unhappy with proposed connection to surrounding n’hoods (Patch, @justupthepike)
  • In DC, you’re 4x more likely to have somebody drive into you on purpose than anywhere else on the planet (NPR, @cityglaze)
  • Staunton News Leader calls on @BobMcDonnell to support a higher gas tax (News Leader, @MilesGrant)
  • London Tube Map made out of Drinking Straws by artist Kyle Bean (The Slow Hunch, @nickgrossman, @perkinsms)
  • Gabe Klein grew up in a Virginia ashram and played D&D with Rivers Cuomo (Grid Chicago, @Naparstek, @bogrosemary)

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