CCPY Transitway Proposed Station Stops

Arlington County is seeking your input in naming stations on the new Crystal City/Potomac Yard (CCPY) Transitway, the first phase of which will provide Bus Rapid Transit service over part of a 5-mile corridor between the Pentagon in Arlington and Braddock Road Metro Station in Alexandria.

Arlington County has been moving aggressively with the project and is finalizing the designs for the portion that will run from the Crystal City Metro station to Four Mile Run, which separates Arlington from the City of Alexandria.  As part of the design, the County has identified eight station stops and is seeking input from the community on station names. 

Station names carry a particular significance as many of the bus rapid transit stations will become the core of a future light rail line, if current longer term planning carries through.

With few exceptions, the survey’s choices pit effective wayfinding against more colorful, albeit sometimes less useful, station names. For most stations, it presents a fairly descriptive choice, such as “27th and Crystal” and a more creative option like “Potomac Yard Gateway.”  The survey also asks whether to name the key transfer station at the Crystal City Metro station “Metro Gateway” or “Crystal City Metro.” 

As for Alexandria’s portion, the City received an $8.5 million design/build grant for the CCPY Transitway.  It is anticipated that a design/build firm will be selected and under contract later this month.

The project will begin this fall with construction to be completed in Winter 2013.  It is anticipated that a the bulk of Alexandria’s portion will run along a dedicated center lane on Highway 1.

The survey is short and simple.  If you think you might be likely to use the CCPY Transitway, you should make sure your voice is heard.  Please share your preferences (or any suggestions for alternatives) in the comments.