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Washington, DC’s next primary election is scheduled for April 3, 2012. With roughly 7 months until that day, candidates and story lines are beginning to emerge. This post will explain what readers can expect from Greater Greater Washington throughout election season.

Our goal will be to examine the issues and races with the same depth and passion that we apply to our everyday coverage. Our editorial lens will be trained on the issues, not the political horse race.

We will do our best to reach out to all candidates, and hope to give each one a chance to tell their story and engage on important topics.

Greater Greater Washington will continue to make endorsements, but our process for doing so will change slightly.

After we have watched, reported on, and analyzed each race, a small group of contributors will make and write endorsements. We will choose candidates that share our dedication to smart growth and development, progressive transportation options, good government, and social justice.

We’re currently finalizing the endorsement process on our end, and will share the details with you within the next couple of weeks.

If you are running, or planning to run, and want to ensure that your voice is heard by GGW readers please contact us at

Matt Rumsey moved to D.C in 2005 to pursue a degree in History at American University. Originally from Connecticut, he has had no intention of leaving D.C. since he moved to Columbia Heights in the summer of 2008. He now lives in Ward 5. He currently works at The Sunlight Foundation. Views here are his own.

Before moving to California, Jaime Fearer was a community planner in Greenbelt, MD, and she lived in Trinidad, DC, where she served on the neighborhood association’s board. Jaime is now the Deputy Director of California Walks.

Jamie Scott is a resident of Ward 3 in DC and a regular Metrobus commuter. He believes in good government, livable communities and quality public transit. Jamie holds a B.A. in Government from Georgetown University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown.

Geoff Hatchard lived in DC’s Trinidad neighborhood. The opinions and views expressed in Geoff’s writing on this blog are his, and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer.