Map by the Washington Post.

Ticket dismissed: One of the bicyclists ticketed for riding the wrong way on New Hampshire Avenue by U Street, Sam DuPont, successfully appealed his citation. DuPont argued that “going the wrong way on NH was the only safe way to navigate that part of the city, and that DDOT has recognized this fact in their plans to install contraflow bike lanes on that very block.”

No idling, please: DC will reserve all on-street parking, except parking directly in front of residences, for tour buses on Inauguration Day in three zones: north of the White House, from 11th to 21st between K and P; NoMa northwest of Union Station; and all of Near Southwest, Near Southeast, and the adjacent Anacostia Riverfront east to RFK’s parking lots (via DCist). Lance makes the good point that if all these buses (illegally) idle for hours, it’ll dump a lot of pollution into our air. Let’s hope DDOT and MPD are ready to enforce the no idling laws.

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