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Downtown’s lack of playgrounds is hard on families: I was warned that the lack of playgrounds, not the dismal schools, is the primary reason that young families move away from downtown. I did not understand the full impact until this spring when my daughter was in full-force running mode.

Neighbors oppose redevelopment of Dupont parking lot: The First Baptist Church of Washington proposes to build a 9-story, 228-unit apartment building on the site of its surface parking lot at the corner of 17th and O Streets, NW. Some nearby residents object to the plans due to concerns over noise, parking, and the specter of the project becoming a student dormitory.

Visitors will walk far to MLK, as they do to most memorials: On August 28th, an estimated 400,000 people were expected to attend the dedication of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. They would have experienced what thousands of visitors find every day: it’s hard to get to the memorials.

Is there a good alternative to liquor moratoriums?: Are liquor moratoriums the only way to address issues of peace, order, and quiet in certain neighborhoods, or are there more creative and more effective ways to address noise and traffic issues without stifling commerce or customer choices through public policy?

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Why isn’t an Amtrak ticket cheaper in the Northeast?: Many DC-area residents would prefer to travel by train rather than by bus to other Northeastern cities, but some often find tickets too expensive. There are several reasons for higher fares, and a primary reason is simple economics.

A real evacuation plan wouldn’t look like Tuesday: Imagine we needed to evacuate downtown DC and Arlington quickly, in the middle of the day. What would be the best way to do that?

Evans still doesn’t understand parking limits: Since 2008 DC Council member Jack Evans has used Constituent Services Funds to reimburse members of his staff for 29 parking tickets totaling $3,341.19. The office of the DC CFO says that’s taxable income.

Earthquake!: An earthquake just hit. It was a 5.8 magnitude in central Virginia. Is everyone and everything okay?

Bringing crowds to a game in style, minus the traffic: Like many colleges with large football programs, the University of Iowa faces major congestion problems on football game days, when tens of thousands of fans converge on its stadium. But Iowa has come up with an innovative solution to the traffic.

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Before moving to California, Jaime Fearer was a community planner in Greenbelt, MD, and she lived in Trinidad, DC, where she served on the neighborhood association’s board. Jaime is now the Deputy Director of California Walks.