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With just a few days until our 10th birthday party and the finish line of this year's reader drive, we're more than 75 percent of the way to our goal of $35,000. But we can't get there without you! GGWash's board of directors is still matching your donations $1 for $1.

Yesterday 25 readers donated $1,200! We need another 25 to donate today and get us $2,400 closer to our goal of $35,000.

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There's still $3,089 left in the match pool. That means for every dollar you give, the board will donate one dollar too, up to $3,089. But, we need you to unlock these funds. Please give today to help us take full advantage of this match challenge.

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You read what GGWash publishes because you share our conviction that the Washington region is great and can be greater. You value the information, analysis and advocacy you get from Greater Greater Washington. We are committed to being the voice for progressive growth and development for our region. But we can't do it without you.

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Your contributions help pay our awesome editor, Julie, who keeps the posts fresh and newsy every day. It covers the costs for the boring stuff like hosting and server costs, and working with our web developer Derek to keep improving the site.

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You — readers, contributors, commenters, and urbanist advocates — make Washington great. We appreciate you and made you some gifts this year to say “thank you.” Check them out and make your donation now!

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Sarah Guidi was Greater Greater Washington's Managing Director from 2015 to 2018. She now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family.