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This week, two amazing GGWash donors, Harriet Tregoning and Dan Tangherlini, have stepped up and are challenging you to donate to GGWash. They'll donate $1,000, but only if 25 new donors give at least $25 by Sunday. Make your inaugural donation today!

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Because we're celebrating our 10th birthday, we're giving you gifts! With a $25 donation, you'll get a custom GGWash sticker or a button!

Thanks to Rita Abou Samra for designing this awesome sticker, designed to fit on your SmarTrip card.

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If you'd prefer a button, you can show your support for GGWash and local journalism!

Want this awesome book of Metro maps? Give a $50 gift or just $10/month.

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If you're reading this, especially if you've never donated, please give now so we can add $1,000 toward our reader drive goal of $35,000!

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Remember, not only does your donation help keep the blog running, you also help us advocate for smarter transportation like the 59 bus that now runs the length of 14th street, and provide comprehensive voter education and endorsements through an urbanism lens.

Sarah Guidi was Greater Greater Washington's Managing Director from 2015 to 2018. She now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family.