Marion Barry’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds. Photo by Soulfull on Flickr.

Lots of new coverage of the Council races.

The City Paper reports fundraising totals; all the ward incumbents handily beat every challenger in dollars raised.

Ward 2 (Evans v. Silverman): The candidates appeared on Kojo’s The Politics Hour this past Friday. Here’s a summary of the race in the DC North community paper. And yesterday I linked to debate coverage and my opinion.

Ward 4 (Bowser v. Mendenhall-Johnson, Jahi and Montague): DC North’s summary (scroll down) doesn’t move much beyond generalities; the candidates all got to speak on August 1st’s The Politics Hour.

Ward 7 (Alexander v. Johnson, Campbell, and Marlin): The East of the River community paper tried to interview the candidates but could only get in touch with one, Villareal Johnson. Alexander is way ahead in money, too.

Ward 8 (Barry v. Wilson, Seegars, Braxton-Jones, Brown, but not Young, Gaston, or McMahan): The East of the River article leads with candidate Sandra Seegars’ desire to replace liquor stores in Ward 8 with gun stores. Charles Wilson is a more sensible candidate and one of And Now, Anacostia’s two favorites; the other, Yavocka Young, was tossed off the ballot along with one and probably two others thanks to challenges by Seegars.

Republican At-Large primary (Schwartz v. Mara): This is the close one, with the two splitting endorsements and close fundraising. Fro the general, there hasn’t been much noise from independent Michael Brown since Adam Clampitt dropped out and endorsed Brown.

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