Politically difficult, congestion pricing nonetheless is probably a good idea, argues Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post.

San Francisco is creating a “connected bus” with free Internet and real-time status displays, writes the Toronto Star. The article (quotes people who) argue that more customer service improvements, like better comfort and reliability, will get people out of their cars. Via Planetizen.

Now that New York decided not to copy London, how about Paris? Maybe LA should emulate Paris too? Paris has reclaimed driving and parking lanes for people, bikes and buses, and Streetsblogs NYC and LA think they have the right idea.

Each dollar invested in transit generates six in economic stimulus, says APTA. A tax refund is nothing compared to a train line.

The Detroit Free Press echoes the “new Eisenhower” theme in endorsing a new emphasis on transit. Via Streetsblog NYC.

Air taxis make little ecological sense and absolutely none if we only had high-speed rail, writes Matthew Yglesias.

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