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Principal turns around failing DCPS school: Harry Hughes introduced single-sex classes, required teachers to be on time, and brought in volunteer reading tutors at Harriet Tubman Elementary School. (Post)

Blended learning may help students excel: Blended learning, incorporated at several DC schools including Stanton ES (ward 8), allows students to use technology to work at their own pace in math or language arts. (Smithsonian)

Jefferson MS makes the grade: Jefferson Middle School (ward 6) saw DC CAS scores increase, with double-digit gains in proficiency for both math and reading. School leaders attributed the jump in scores to a change in routines and discipline at the school. (Post)

Fewer youths rearrested: DC has seen a 50 percent drop in rearrests of youths. The Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services attributes this to increasing access to job training, high school graduation/GED attainment, and mental health services, as well as greater family involvement. (dcist)

Longer days for students?: Chancellor Henderson plans to extend school days if she can find the funding and work out a deal with the teacher’s union, as we reported earlier this month. But what are the factors that make an extended-day program successful? (National Journal)

The library of the future: The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library unveiled its Digital Commons, which allows patrons access to a 3-D printer, various tablet devices, computers, and an Espresso Book Machine. The space also features an area for collaboration called the “Dream Lab.” (dcist)

More charters for Virginia?: Virginia Govenor Bob McDonnell addressed a state education summit in Fairfax, suggesting that failing traditional public schools should be replaced by charters. DC charter board president Scott Pearson explained how DC had created a more welcoming environment for charters than Virginia. (Post)

One spot per child: In an effort to cutdown on the estimated 10 percent of students who are enrolled at more than one school, DCPS and charter schools are sharing their rosters. (Post)

Upcoming Events

Rep your school: Students will square off to examine the pros and cons of public, private, and charter schools in the DC area. Wednesday, August 14th at 1pm at the Bellevue Library (115 Atlantic St. SW).

2nd Annual New Heights Summit: The summit will focus on the New Heights program, an effort to support expectant and parenting students in 15 DCPS high schools. Friday, August 16th, 8:30am to 2:00pm at the Kellogg Conference Center, Gallaudet University (800 Florida Ave., NE).

School supply giveaway: Parents and guardians can stop by to receive supplies for their school-aged children while supplies last. Saturday, August 17th, 1pm to 5pm at Rita’s Ice-Custard Happiness, (2318 Rhode Island Ave., NE)