Happy International Women’s Day, women of GGWash!

We at Greater Greater Washington appreciate all of the women who have helped build our community, and today we want to take a moment to expressly hold up their contributions. Here is some perspective from Joanne Tang, an invaluable longtime volunteer to GGWash and senior member of our editorial board. — The GGWash editorial board

Some say Twitter is a garbage fire and nothing good ever happens on it. While I can be as cynical about social media as the next person, it’s actually not true when it comes to the GGWash community and my experiences with the brilliant women in it!

In fact, I got involved with GGWash through social media. In 2016, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a request for Breakfast Links writers. I already wanted to volunteer but wasn’t sure how, and this tweet seemed serendipitous. I met Kelli Raboy and Sarah Guidi soon after; their ideas for GGWash’s morning coverage encouraged me to be a better, faster, and more varied reader and writer.

Author and senior edit board member Joanne Tang.

Since then, I joined the editorial board and moved onto writing articles for GGWash. I attribute the growth of our community partly to the growth in the kind of stories GGWash wants to write about — stories that are analytical, wonky, and deeply nerdy in the best ways. Many of these stories are also focused on the experiences of women urbanists, which helps affirm that urbanism is for everyone. I appreciate that GGWash has supported this kind of analysis and commentary. A few standout articles, in my book:

The important thing is that you’re not white” by Sanjida Rangwala

For poor DC residents, safety from sexual violence means access” by Jessica Raven

Gentrification in Shaw isn’t so black and white” by Kristen Jeffers

Yes, yelling at female cyclists is sexist” by Aimee Custis

This year, GGWash created committees for our elections, advocacy, and events. Mary Hynes, Tracy Hadden Loh, Kathy Orellana, Sanjida Rangwala, Ariel Santillan, Karen Shanton, and Marina Streznewski join me in steering coverage of local elections. This committee has published weekly Election Links and are working behind the scenes to survey and talk to candidates on urbanist issues.

Our advocacy committee, which includes Tracy Hadden Loh and Abby Lynch, is examining bold ways to change the DC Comprehensive Plan to better support housing needs, get dedicated funding for Metro, and more.

But that’s not all! Many of our readers, contributors, and editorial board members are involved in advocacy just by doing what they do; that may be riding their bikes and taking the bus instead of driving, signing petitions, talking to their friends about things to do without cars, and sharing GGWash articles to their friends.

Much of the morning Breakfast Links are also brought to you by women. Our Lead Editor Julie Strupp now edits the Breakfast Links, but before her Kelli Raboy, Joanne Tang, and Abigail Zenner refined our format; recruited, trained, and coordinated our writers; and edited the daily links to bring you the best of the news every morning. Nicole Cacozza and Linnea Champ are part of our crack team of curators who read the news and write the link sets.

Tracy Loh, volunteer extraordinaire.

The women of Greater Greater Washington have written plenty of our content as well, of course. High fives to these amazing contributors (check out our full list including guest contributors here):

Managing Director Sarah Guidi. Image by Aimee Custis Photography licensed under Creative Commons.

Martine Powers and other journalists speak at GGWash's “Will local journalism survive in DC?” event. Image by Aimee Custis Photography licensed under Creative Commons.

Aimee Custis and Abby Lynch at GGWash's 7th birthday party.

Why not take some time to read some articles these women have written? And, of course, share in the comments your own salutes to the women in our community.