I found my urbanist community nine years ago in Greater Greater Washington

One of the highest compliments anyone has ever given me is: “I love reading your work on Greater Greater Washington.” That’s not because I’m good at writing, but rather, because it reminds me of how broad our community has grown.

As GGWash celebrates its 10 year anniversary, will you join me in donating to this year's reader drive so we can keep growing this community?

I’ve been a part of GGWash for nine years, ever since I wrote a post about a DIY skatepark in Montgomery County. Since then, it’s grown from a wonky blog into a respected force for regional good. I’ve made many friends through Greater Greater Washington who share the same interests and passions I do.

But this site has also introduced people all across the DC area to urbanism, transportation, and housing issues. Through using every day examples, presented in a language you don’t need a planning degree to understand, we’re showing how these issues affect everyone who lives in greater Washington.

To this day, I still get a kick out of hearing that a colleague I just met, or an old friend from high school I haven’t seen in years, reads this site. What that says to me is that our work is paying off.

The more people who read our site, the more likely they are to get involved in our communities and start asking our leaders to put our region on a positive path—one with inclusive neighborhoods, safer streets, and more social and economic opportunities for everyone.

That’s why I continue to support and contribute to GGWash, and I hope you will too.



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