Photo by Barack Obama on Flickr.

She’s welcome to post on GGW: Michelle Obama told 60 Minutes the Obamas hope to “have an impact” on DC. DCist will believe it when they see it, remembering that Bill Clinton briefly visited Georgia Avenue after his election and that was about it.

I’ll take the DMV for $125, Alex: Mount Pleasant ANC Commissioner-elect Phil Lepanto got two tickets for speeding on one segment of Connecticut Avenue, once by an officer and once by a speed camera. On top of that, the DMV tried to suspend his license for not replying to letters Montgomery County sent to the wrong place. (Raw Fisher)

“Scare cars” don’t scare Wired: Lockeridge, Britain has placed dummies on roads where visitors frequently speed, to break through their focus on speed and raise awareness. Via Virginia ITS.

You can destroy the environment, just spend $2 million on pollution: The Environmental Defense Fund has agreed to drop its lawsuit against the ICC. In exchange, Maryland will spend a puny $2 million to retrofit a few school buses and do a few studies on pollution. Maryland gets to stay on track to will pour enormous amounts of pollution into the air. Of course, they can rest easy that they saved the environment by deleting the bicycle trail.