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Gray budget generally good for transportation: Mayor Gray released his proposed budget on Friday. It makes deep cuts in many areas, especially social services, but makes some exciting investments in transit funding, especially a big commitment to the streetcar program.

Fleet share can save DC more money: DC can kill two political birds with one stone: Save money, and respond to public frustration about official vehicles, by aggressively replacing most government vehicles with fleet sharing.

MWAA picks tunnel station: Dulles’ Metro station will be underground, despite the extra cost.

How could DC protest a shutdown taking our trash service? If Congress is going to force DC to stop picking up the trash, maybe residents should take the trash to Congress or House Speaker John Boehner himself.

43 years ago today, DC stopped burning: April 8, 1968 marked the end of the riots in DC which began after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. These riots changed many of the city’s commercial corridors and neighborhoods forever.

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Term limits are a dangerous policy: At a recent forum, 8 of the 9 candidates for DC Council at-large endorsed legislative term limits. This is a bad idea.

What’s wrong with these pictures? Even though most of the cherry blossoms are gone and it’s a weekday, there were lots of people around the Tidal Basin today. But one thing is missing.

Do you have a legal right to a cliffside view? A condo building is planned for the site of the Exxon station at the bottom of the Exorcist Steps on M Street NW in Georgetown. Residents on Prospect Street, just 75 steps above the site, fear the building will block their spectacular views of the Potomac.

America may have to accept shantytowns: The government of Virginia destroyed a town Friday morning. It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Buy a CaBi membership, donate to WABA: This weekend’s LivingSocial deal is a half-price membership to Capital Bikeshare for a month ($12 instead of $25) or a year ($37 instead of $75).

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