Image by Ora Pera on Flickr.

“Hangover of America’s romance with the car”: Salon examines the paradox of governments cutting transit funding as buses and trains face record ridership, and the double standard in the way we think about funding new roads versus funding transit.

Next stop Saint Elizabeths: Plans for the Saint Elizabeth’s campus in Ward Eight include an infill Green Line station, or possibly a spur off the main line. Just don’t give it a new color. (Ryan Avent)

Brookanders win a burial: The DC Council has voted to require burying the power lines on Brookland’s main streets during the upcoming streetscape reconstruction. Here’s some background. (Examiner)

Edwards likes purple: Maryland’s newest Congresswoman, Donna Edwards, places the Purple Line among her top priorities along with housing affordability.

“Digital public square”: Apps for Democracy interviews DC CTO Vivek Kundra, who talks about DC’s data feeds ready to be mashed up by sites such as EveryBlock.

Freako-discredited idea: Freakonomics resurrects the old and debunked canard that transit causes crime. Ryan Avent debunks.

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