Here is the 3200 block of M Street, NW today and in 1993.

Nowadays these buildings house (from left to right): Lucky Jeans, Lululemon Athletica sporting goods, and the Levi’s Store. But back in 1993, these buildings housed Trincus Restaurant, Too Cute!, Nash’s Sports & Casual, and Machu Picchu (which was on the second floor; I’m not sure what was on the first floor).

I’m also not sure when any of these places closed. The only record of Trincus I can find is from 1988, when it had its liquor license suspended for Halloween due to multiple infractions on previous Halloweens. This was back in the day when Halloween in Georgetown was a pretty rowdy affair.

It’s popular nowadays, sure, but the crowds are pretty tightly controlled. Back then it was crazy, and that’s reflected in the way that the ABC board suspended the restaurant’s license for just one weekend due to the way it acted a whole year beforehand.

I can’t find anything on Too Cute! Under the Too Cute! neon lights, it looks like it says something like Junetto Brothers, or something like that. It appears to have been a inexpensive clothing store.

Nash’s Sports & Casual was a sporting goods store. I believe that the Nash’s in Columbia Heights and L’Enfant are the same store, but I’m not sure.

Machu Picchu was a restaurant. They appeared on an ANC agenda as late as 2002 regarding a liquor license renewal. But they are one of the licenses held in safe keeping, so the fact it was renewed in 2002 doesn’t mean the restaurant was still open. Anyone remember it?

Here are the photos in case the Flash photo above didn’t come through:

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