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Should DC limit sidewalk cycling in commercial areas?: At this morning’s oversight hearing for the bicycle and pedestrian advisory councils, Councilmember Jack Evans chastised cyclists who speed on jogging trails, and Tommy Wells expressed interest in exploring restrictions on sidewalk cycling in commercial areas of DC.

ANC making unfair demands on Georgetown transportation: Monday night, Georgetown ANC approved recommendations concerning the University’s 10 Year Campus Plan. This includes the usual complaints about students living off-campus, but also dedicates four pages to concerns about transportation-related issues including objections to campus shuttles traversing the neighborhood.

AU students need more, quality on-campus housing: American University recently presented neighbors with the latest draft of its 10-year campus plan. The top priorities are to increase undergraduate student housing and provide more space for student recreation, dining, and activities on campus.

You could save 86% or more by switching from AAA: Are you a AAA member? If so, most likely you joined for the roadside assistance, as opposed to the relentless lobbying against transit or walkable streets. But did you also know you can probably get the same service from your insurance company?

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Anything but townhouses, say Ravenwood Park activists: There’s an empty parcel of land near Seven Corners, adjacent to a bunch of townhouses. But neighbors so deeply oppose building any new townhouses that they’d prefer even the ugliest clear-cut subdivision.

Wells’ lightning-fast SUV investigation finds violations: DPW improperly purchased and leased a number of SUVs, including the ones for Council Chairman Kwame Brown, in violation of laws restricting their use, according to a preliminary report from Councilmember Tommy Wells and his staff.

Expanding downtown: Infrastructure matters: Washington, DC is a lucky city. Its downtown has been filled up with new construction over the past few decades to such an extent that it has virtually no space for new office buildings.

Examiner beats drums for war on non-cars: The Washington Examiner’s opinion section features five separate fusillades against transit, spending on transit, and the entire idea, incomprehensible to the authors, that some people can happily live their lives primarily getting around using transit and on foot and might actually enjoy it.

Is there really a problem with the 15th Street bike lane?: DC Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2) claimed this morning that the 15th Street bike lane is “not working” because of the impact on drivers from the new left turn signals.

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Before moving to California, Jaime Fearer was a community planner in Greenbelt, MD, and she lived in Trinidad, DC, where she served on the neighborhood association’s board. Jaime is now the Deputy Director of California Walks.