Kdoug on Daily Kos.

For the liberals on this blog, check out this train-related election humor several people forwarded me.

However, I must point out that this isn’t actually fair to Palin, nor was I in my snark last week. As commenter Mike Silverstein pointed out, Alaska relies heavily on trains. And tipster Daniel Goldstein forwarded me this statement by Palin extolling the importance of Alaska’s railroads.

Meanwhile, in other elections, Matt Yglesias notices that Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan—who, in recent weeks, has jumped from way down in the polls to quite competitive—is a strong supporter of transit. From her energy plan:

To lower the amount of carbon emissions in transportation, Kay supports increasing fuel efficiency standards and increasing investments in public transportation. … Since investments in public transportation have many indirect benefits on the economy, Kay also supports investments to increase public transportation systems.

Every $10 million in transit capital investments creates 314 jobs and $30 million in sales for businesses, while $10 million invested in transit operations creates more than 750 jobs in the short term, and $32 million in increased sales for businesses. Every $10 million invested saves more than $15 million in transportation costs to highway and transit users.

Hagan now leads by about 4-5 points in the polls.

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