The last blogger roundtable. Photo by erin m on Flickr.

WMATA will be hosting a blogger roundtable this evening with now-permanent General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles, just before he attends the Riders’ Advisory Council meeting.

Ken Archer and I will be attending for GGW. We intend to ask Sarles about safety and security issues, including the bag search program, as well as his vision for the medium- and long-term future of Metro. What else do you think we should ask? 

Leave your questions in the comments.

Afterward, Sarles will speak at the public Riders’ Advisory Council meeting, which starts at 6:30 pm in the lobby level committee room at WMATA HQ.

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Erik Weber has been living car-free in the District since 2009.  Hailing from the home of the nation’s first Urban Growth Boundary, Erik has been interested in transit since spending summers in Germany as a kid where he rode as many buses, trains and streetcars as he could find.  Views expressed here are Erik’s alone.