Photo by roger jones on Flickr.

Reader Jon sent along this letter:

Every day I hear constant honking and impatience from drivers in DC. 

A construction project is happening on E and 20th Streets NW, where they are tearing down a parking garage to make room for a new hotel next to a GW dorm.  Due to limited road and sidewalk space, they have to block traffic for about 5 minutes roughly once or twice an hour. 

It’s just incredible how impatient and intolerant the drivers can be when they get blocked. Cars end up blocking the entire intersection because they fail to look ahead and notice they can’t clear the intersection.

It’s both funny and disappointing to see people so disgruntled simply because they’re in a rush.  It’s just so ridiculous how aggressive people can get. 

And it’s almost as if they think that honking makes any difference.  A string of honks just passes from one car to the next like an incredible sociological test of patience.  Apparently some of these people think something will change if they keep their hand on the horn for more than 1 minute too.

Everyone’s day would be better off if we could all just take a deep breath and relax. We all have to share this city, and a little respect and patience will go a long way.

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