Photo by dbking on Flickr.

The DC Council’s committees have been assigned, but some important slots are still yet to be filled when the DC Democratic State Committee, and later the voters, selects an at-large member to fill Kwame Brown’s seat.

The committee assignments announced today place five members on each committee, like last year. However, four committees only have four members. This presumably means that the at-large member will take the fifth seat on each committee.

Those committees are:

  • Public Works and Transportation, which sets transportation policy, oversees the transportation agencies and DPW, and will be helmed by Tommy Wells;
  • Economic Development, which handles public land deals and will have Harry Thomas, Jr. as chair;
  • Housing and Workforce Development, whose portfolio includes the various housing agencies and is chaired by Michael Brown; and
  • Public Services and Consumer Affairs, headed by Yvette Alexander and overseeing DCRA and the many other regulatory agencies (except ABRA, which stays with Jim Graham).

The choice from the State Committee and then in the special election was always extremely important, but for those who care about development, transportation, affordable housing and more, it’s made even more important.

I’ve obtained a scan of the list that was handed out at the meeting of committees, members, and which agencies each oversees.

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